Shedding The Belly.

I’ll be brief because Tori is currently eating the plastic wrapping that our laundry detergent came in and I’m not sure how long it will keep her distracted. The big news is that I’ve lost a belt size. Hazzah! My grueling work out regime of walking to and from the coffee shop 3 times per day so that I can brag about how cool it is to work from home, combined with forgetting to cook at least 2 of my daily meals each day seems to be paying off. I spent a good part of 3 hours looking at myself in the mirror and doing body builder poses, which in and of itself turned out to be a pretty hefty workout. Anyway, I’m off to celebrate by going downstairs to T&T supermarket (the chinese supermarket that we live above which specialises in GMO, MSG and pastries that never go stale or moldy even if left in the sun) to purchase a king size pack of Portuguese Egg Tarts. Why undo the good work you ask? It’s simple (now that I’ve been educated in the advanced motivational techniques of modern day north america). They say that the first couple of pounds are the easiest to lose, so if you want that amazing feeling of progress on a regular basis, just keep losing the same couple of pounds over and over. Talk about a winning strategy! Brilliant!

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