My Daughter Is Better Than A Cat.

13 Reasons why my 1 year old daughter is better than a cat:
1. She doesn’t try to slice my arms to pieces when I tickle her tummy.
2. She helps me type on my keyboard by tapping at it instead of just sitting on it and falling asleep and then getting pissy when I try to move her.
3. She knows that sand is not for pooping in… actually… except for that one time at the beach… but she’d eaten a lot of food and was excited.
4. She eats more than just more-expensive-than-gold canned food.
5. She never tries to sit on my face while I’m sleeping.
6. Her tongue doesn’t feel like icky sandpaper when she licks me.
7. She acknowledges my existence at times other than when she is hungry.
8. She has more than 1 facial expression.
9. She doesn’t waggle her bum in the my face when I scratch the base of her tail.
10. She actually enjoys bath time.
11. When she sings it doesn’t make my eardrums bleed.
12. She is rarely on heat and has yet to attract unwanted strays to our house.
13. When I hug her, she hugs me back!

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