I Taught My Daughter To Burp.

Today I taught my daughter to burp. Proudest day of my life. Seriously, I think this is even more special in the whole parent-child bonding than actually giving birth to the child. Peggy may have brought our child into the world, but I gave┬áher the gift of a life skill that she will have forever. What’s more, she now knows that after you burp, you laugh uproariously, slap your thigh, pump your fist, crawl around the room dragging your butt like a dog with worms, wave your hand in front of your mouth a few times and high five your daddy who is has similarly just finished this same ritual. And when Peggy says that this is all vulgar and disgusting and that it will result in Tori never finding a man and getting married I know that deep down she is actually also incredibly proud of our little belching-machine and is just a tad jealous that it was me, and not her, that brought this gift to our child. Okay, got to go, we’ve got an alphabet to learn… if you know what I mean! Brilliant!

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