Gave My Daughter A Bowl Cut.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Never cut your 1 year old daughter’s hair without your wife present to supervise, approve, hold the scissors, do the cutting, do the adjustments, and anything else that in any way, shape or form resembles actually cutting her hair. What started out as snipping a couple of errant wisps of hair (while she was sitting on the toilet taking her sweet time to get to the point if you know what I mean and I was bored of reading the damn ABC book again and making the time-to-do-a-poo-now noise) ended in every one of the hairs on the front part of her head being accurately and, might I say, skillfully in a perfectly straight line… which inspired me to attempt to make the rest of her hair also in a straight line… which I did to perfection! Well… so…. granted, technically what I’ve done is given her a bowl hair cut (without needing a bowl!) which I do concede now that I’ve had time to reflect, does makes her look: 1) like a boy; 2) like her parents are idiots; 3) like she time traveled to us directly from 1982. Alas, my argument of “but now you get to know what its like having a little boy” has fallen on deaf ears. But if enough people like this post she’ll consider forgiving me. Maybe. But on the bright side, I’ve got some great photos to embarrass my daughter when she starts dating! Teenage girls can handle that sort of stuff right?

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