Better Than A Puppy

13 Reasons why my 1 year old daughter is better than a puppy:
1. She still loves me even when I forget to feed her.
2. She laughs after I burp.
3. I can carry her on my back to get an even better workout when I go walking.
4. She can be off-leash in any park, not just special dog ones.
5. She has never (that I’m aware of) sniffed another kid’s bum as a way of greetings.
6. She can throw as well as fetch. Sort of.
7. She finds and eats old food that has been dropped on the floor (oh wait, I guess a puppy does this too… we’ll call that point a tie).
8. She pretends to be all shy and cutesy when she’s helping me chat up girls in the supermarket which is a killer-wingman-effective maneuver.
9. She knows more sounds than just “woof” and “yap yap”.
10. She can get us priority customer service in retail stores if she cries loud enough and for long enough.
11. She thinks it funny when I put her mother’s underwear on her head.
12. She threw her mother’s iPhone into the toilet but completely respects her father’s superior Android device.
13. She is beautiful and I love her!

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